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Suspended Fabric Systems

Our range of suspended fabric displays are designed for retail and exhibition use.

Utilising a unique aluminium frame system with a range of profile shapes, we can create a range of shapes which can be branded with graphics printed on fabric.

Lightweight and quick to assemble, the resulting structures can create striking visual displays for windows, retail interiors, exhibitions and conferences.

Custom made to any size or shape (circular rings, cubes, rectangles, triangles, arcs), our aluminium frame system is designed to take graphics produced on fabric.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Displays can be quickly assembled
  • Lightweight and fire proof
  • Fabric graphics can be easily, safely (without damage) and cost effectively delivered
  • Colours are vibrant creating stunning displays
  • Fabric used is polyester containing no harmful PVCs

Fresh Display offer a complete service including design, production and installation of graphics and frames.

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