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Digital Signage and Digital Display

Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, retail outlet, leisure centre or car dealership, providing clients with eye catching messages and information is vital.

Digital Signage

Fresh Display has addressed the fast growing need for digital signage in areas within the public eye with ease and great value for money.

While screen advertising is fast becoming a "must" in every prime location, venue owners have often encountered critical setbacks - lack of available digital content - TV channels don't usually fit public environments and the production of dedicated content from advertising specialists is too expensive and time demanding.

Outdoor Digital Displays

Outdoor Digital Signage is about to change forever. You won't believe how affordable our new stylish displays are. Wall-mounted and freestanding versions use 1,500cd/m2 ultra-high brightness panels which make for easy reading outdoors. It's the easiest to update, clear and most cost effective Outdoor Digital Display there is.

Digital Display

By using our LCD advertising screen, you do not need a computer or DVD support as the digital sign has a memory card reader built in. Simply insert a SD Memory Card and power on. The digital display automatically starts playing the images, video and music that are loaded onto the card. You can set the position order and interval time of each slide giving you complete control over every aspect of your digital signage. The screen has a memory card locker to protect the memory card from public access. A wall mount also comes with the screen, so you can fix the screen on the wall without extra cost.


Fresh Display has the solution by producing tailor-made advertising contents according to your requirements. Our brilliant contents producing team harnesses the endless potential with any multimedia files, into one smooth, scheduled presentation that is sure to get your message across.

To be one step ahead of your competition and grab the attention of your target audience please do not hesitate to contact us.

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